ARCOM Technology

The Office of Information Systems & Technology (OIST) will support the technology needs of ARCOM.  OIST will provide support and training for use of technology in classrooms, lecture halls, team-based learning rooms and all labs.  ARCOM’s network, server and storage infrastructure will be fully redundant and provide a cloud-based disaster recovery model for business continuity.  OIST will work closely with the Office of Academic Affairs in training and providing solutions for ARCOM’s current and future technology needs.  The facility houses 45 miles of category 6A cabling which embraces the building and provides connectivity unparalleled in the education field.  The audio and video capability expands throughout the lecture halls as well as throughout the study rooms.

ARCOM works with CAE for its robotic simulation and standardized patient laboratories.  The software utilizes the muse programming which allows clinical engagement scenarios which can record both live experiences and allow for debriefing of the recordings at a later time.  The students have the capability to view their individual experiences on their own devices to provide for self-reflection and assessment in the growth of their clinical skills.