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ARCOM accepts applications annually beginning with the opening of the AAOCMAS application each year. Early application is recommended, as ARCOM runs on a rolling admission process – we start offering admission early in the cycle.

Application Process


Step 1: Submit AACOMAS Application

The official AACOMAS application is available online at www.aacom.org. The AACOMAS application deadline for ARCOM applicants is March 1, but is subject to change annually.


Step 2: Secondary Application

Once your application has been verified by AACOMAS we will begin the reviewal process and determine eligibility to receive a Secondary Application. ARCOM only sends Secondary Application invitations to selected competitive applicants. The Secondary Application is fee is $50. ARCOM will waive the fee for students who have been granted a fee waiver from AACOMAS.


Step 3: Interview

Competitive applicants who have met all admissions requirements and Technical Standards for Admissions and Continued enrollment will be invited to attend an on-campus interview with both a faculty member and member of the local community.


Step 4: Admissions Decision

ARCOM operates on a rolling admission basis and begins offering seats after the first interview date. Generally, you will receive your decision approximately 2 weeks from your interview. Upon, notification of acceptance you will have a set date as to when you must pay the deposit to secure your seat. ARCOM follows AACOMAS traffic guidelines regarding deposit deadlines.