Academies serve as advising and mentorship groups for students throughout their four years at ARCOM. Each group is supported by ARCOM faculty, staff and community members.

During orientation week, students are assigned to one of ten Academies. Students will remain in the same Academy throughout their four years at ARCOM. A new group of up to 16 students from each new class will join the group each year, providing an opportunity for first-year students to gain valuable insight from second, third, and forth-year students as well as from faculty and staff. Throughout the academic year, each Academy will have planned activities ranging from community service projects and events to seminars on proper nutrition, time management, and study skills.

Students are also assigned an individual from the Academy who will provide assistance, advice, and counsel and serve as a liaison between the student and the academic and administrative staffs. Each student will also be assigned a Faculty Advisor, who is available to monitor the student’s academic achievement and to provide guidance and assistance in meeting academic requirements.  This person will also serve as an academic mentor and can inform appropriate individuals/departments of student concerns.